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Grab the M22 Full Pack now!

Char Pack

All the character skins - none of the stages. Optimal for console use and for customizing with your own stages.
• All 17 released characters


Full Pack

Please provide feedback by DM'ing me on Twitter!
• Every character but Kirby
• Remastered vanilla stages


Animelee Pack

Play Animelee the way it was meant to be experienced. Every legal stage remake, plus the cell shaded characters you came for.
• All 17 released characters
• Updated Animelee stages


Looking for the individual stage and character files? Head over to

Meet the Team


Project Lead | Many Hats Wearer


Character Modeler | Graphics


Musician | Illustrator


Coder | Melee Insight Specialist

Uncle Punch



Character Modeler | Coder


Texture Artist | Quality Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Animelee?

Animelee is a purely aesthetic mod of Melee. It uses both custom models and textures to make the characters look like they are cell shaded and stylized like anime characters.

Is this netplay safe?

Yes! Animelee only changes the visuals of Melee, not the hitboxes/hurtboxes. All of the characters and stages play exactly like the original game you're used to.

Can I share this?

Please do! I made Animelee for the Smash community. Feel free to share, stream, mod and tweak the skins however you like. Just be sure to let people know it's Animelee!

More characters?

I am working with some very talented modders to fill out the rest of the cast. Consider joining the Patreon to support ongoing development of Animelee!

How do I install?

Just download whichever pack you want, and unzip the files. Drag and drop your legally obtained Melee ISO onto the .bat file and wait - it will build the Animelee ISO for you.

Having trouble?

Make sure your legally obtained ISO has the correct MD5 checksum. You can test how to do that here. You must also use a clean ISO that doesn't have any other mods on it.